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not diminished of no matter how much you use?!Natural negative ions around the waterfall
"Quantum-sheet" product series made from 12 kinds of natural ore centered on radium
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Natural mine radon bath facility


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You can also buy quantum related products at 富栖の里 (Tosu no Sato)!

Quantum sheet products

Quantum sheet made from 12 kinds of rare natural ores centered on radium
Ultrafine vibration, far infrared, charged particles not diminished of no matter how much you use?!
◆It is easy to ionize hydrogen with negative ions
◆Hormesis-range gamma-ray energy action on water flow
(Type of radiation)
α線・・・Energy is released all at once in a short distance, making it difficult to proceed in water
β線・・・The energy is released in a zigzag way to a distance. About 1 cm in water and a few meters in air.
γ線・・・Energy is emitted deep and deep in some places. About 1 cm in water and a few meters in air. It has the property of following a fluid.
Quantum sheet products include magnets depending on the application.
Spreading energy.
Natural ore gamma rays pass through the quantum sheet.
It is reduced by the given electron (e-)
Negative ions measured with low dose radiation
The Quantum Sheet measures the number of ions present per cm3 and adjusts for each product.
When measuring the amount of ions, the ion value is measured from the naturally occurring radiation of the ore that is not easily affected by the air flow in the room.Since the range of 1200 to 8000 is good, our products are around 3000 to 5000, which is close to the surrounding of the waterfall according to the application.

The causality of energy generation is possible only by the combustion cycle, and since the Industrial Revolution, there has been no generation of energy that has lost its principle.In any case, the balance of the negative addition and the positive addition that occurs when energy is generated results in a markedly positive tendency, and the resulting oxidation phenomenon is the result of energy generation.


The challenge is to make this as close to zero energy as possible, and it has become possible with the invention of Kenjio Yao. We have discovered that it is the hormesis effect of γ-rays that can cause the ionization phenomenon (energy saving effect) in fluids (water, oil, electricity, gas, etc.) and have been commercialized.


Role of quantum sheet
May 28, 2009 東久邇宮文化褒章(Higashikuninomiyabunkakunsyou) invention awarded(Inventor:Yao-Kenjirou)!
Quantum sheets are sheets of 12 kinds of natural ores specially processed, which naturally generate a large amount of negative ions (low dose radiation: hormesis effect range) as if they were around a waterfall.Far-infrared rays, ultra-fine vibrations, and other daily necessities that maximize the use of natural energy, are useful for the eco friendly life of people around the globe.
Quantum sheets are characterized by reacting with fluids such as water, oil, and electricity to generate negative ions, deoxidize, and amplify energy. Negative ions neutralize static electricity and micro air dust.



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