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0:30  Quantum cleaning( 👑most popular item )

2:02  Quantum cooking water

3:01  Quantum Ion Mist

3:37  Quantum chip

4:08  Quantum Ion Mist D

5:01  Experimented with Quantum Ion Mist D to remove oyster sauce stains

5:27  Clothes after washing with Quantum Cleaning

6:36  カンタム料理水で究極のご飯を炊く



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What is Quantum sheet
12 kinds of natural ores centered on radium * are nano-sized and specially blended.
It is a golden quantum energy sheet that constantly generates as much negative ions as the area around the waterfall.
Spontaneous emission of safe low-dose radiation (about 2500-7000 µSv negative ions)
①penetrate substances
③Negative ions are generated
Negative ion energy emitted from the Quantum sheet
●Negative ion
●Far infrared
●Neodymium magnet(Quantum cooking water & Pocket quantum water)
When low-dose radiation and far-infrared rays act on water, their properties change.
Surface activity of water, change to reduced water, miniaturization of water molecules (clusters), approach to weak alkali, energy amplification, etc.

The invention of Kenjiro Yao, our director,
He have awarded the "「東久邇宮文化褒賞(ひがしくにのみやぶんかほうしょう)」Higashikuninomiya culture prize".



(Types of low-dose radiation)
Γ rays・・・It is a member of light and has the property of chasing a fluid of about 1 cm in water and several meters in air.
Quantum sheet products have magnets inserted according to the intended use to diffuse energy. Γ (gamma) rays of natural ore pass through substances.

  Earth health🌎Family health

Eco-life starting from me, one in the world's population of 7.7 billion

Product list

The only mine radon bath facility in Japan


This facility also sells Quantum Sheet products.

The substance given the electron (e-) = Be reduced
Ultra-fine vibration

Weak alkalinization



Water does not rot easily
We are confident in the most negative ions in the world.
With the cooperation of many doctors and professors, we continue to develop ore treatment sheets that naturally generate negative ion energy that can be experienced within the safe range of 8000 microsieverts that experts can understand numerically.



これをゼロのエネルギーに限りなく近づけることが課題であり、それを可能にしたのは、各流体(水、油、電気、ガス、etc)に対し てイオン化現象(省エネルギー効果)を引き起こすことが出来るのが ガンマー線のホルミシス効果であった事を発見し、それを製品化に転化することが、八尾憲二郎氏の稀代な発明でありました。

                          A message has arrived from Kenjiro Yao to you 📧

Just soak it in tap water for 6 hours!


The number of negative ions in 1㎤ generated in 20 seconds is measured with an ore measuring instrument.

Approximately 2500 to 7000 negative ions are maintained from the Quantum sheet for approximately 2 years.

This consumer security mark is the brand mark.


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